Skye Sobejko (she/her) is a published freelance photographer who has recently returned to Australia after over a decade living overseas. Skye has lived and worked in the UK, New York, and Germany, where she spent eight years in Berlin and had the pleasure to capture imagery both there and across Europe. 

Skye’s portfolio delves deeply into choreographed work, landing heavily in fashion and portraiture. Her work has been featured worldwide in a variety of fashion and art magazines, newspaper editorials and she has been commissioned to shoot brand stories for designers showcasing their collections. Skye has also shot cover stories for two independent fashion magazines.

Two decades ago Skye was handed down a collection of film cameras from her Dziadzia (grandfather), who was the local photographer in Collie, WA. Equipped with these heirlooms and her visual disposition, she was drawn to the medium. Playing with light candidly and defiantly, like a brush across the page, shaping and contorting it, has formed her distinct style. Harmoniously Skye plays with capturing dynamic energy in her work; there is a prevalent sense of movement - the rise, the fall, the in-between. The unification of these elements has been her greatest means of telling her story.

Skye moves between shooting film and digital, but while traveling she solely carries a film camera. Skye finds solace and beauty in the intentional opportunity and selection of each shot, mirroring her own journey. 


Feel free to reach out to Skye about commissions, projects, quotes, bookings, print enquiries, collaborations, or licensing

Skye has been published in: Die Zeit, Alice.D Magazine, Verve Zine, Contributor Magazine, Roll Up Magazine, KALTBLUT Magazine, CAKE Magazine, The KUNST Magazine and Anyone Girl Magazine.

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